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Star Online Casino

There's no more excitement than fast casino slots. Slots are all the rage these days, and Star Online Casino definitely has the best slots program of any online casino. Period.

First of all, they have more slot games than I've ever seen: single-line slots, 3-reel and 5-reel slots, 3-line, 5-line and even 9-line slots, and some amazing 8-line video slots too. And it doesn't stop there! Star Online Casino also has multi-spin slots and a huge array of bonus slots and video poker. And the paytables are literally off-the-chart for high payouts.

You can spend all your time just exploring the different slots, but don't stop there. Star Online Casino also has dozens of table games, and some very unique games such as Blackjack Switch, where you can swap your top cards to get a better blackjack hand - without making an additional bet. It's like getting a free second hand. Try it for yourself; it will fast become your favorite table game ever.

Using the most up to date version of the Playtech Casino Software, Star Online Casino has graphics and real casino sounds that make their super-fast games even more fun to play.

Getting started was quite easy - less than 5 minutes from download to play time, and that includes getting a $200 new player bonus in my account with no hassles at all. Now that's what I call service!

But the service doesn't stop there either. 24-hour live customer service is always available to help you in any way, including getting the latest bonus offer, or facilitating cashing out your winnings. These folks are serious about making the playing experience fun and hassle-free, and that's a pleasant surprise these days.

Star Online Casino has everything to make online casino action fast, easy and a heck of a lot of fun. If you've tried a few casinos, now's the time to experience something very special - Star Online Casino, gets my top casino award for sure.