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Carnival Casino

Carnival casino is one of the more favorable online casinos available! Carnival’s creators managed to take the festive high-energy spirit of Vegas and insert it into its all around eye-catching and remarkable graphics.

The software is very professional and user-friendly, as it was established and is run by successful Playtech Software. The casino’s user interface is very comfortable, as the various game categories can be easily identified and accessed.

As an online casino, Carnival Casino can provide games that land-based casinos could not possibly offer. The games can be played alone or in a multiplayer format. Multiplayer is a great option because you can chat with your fellow players, befriend them, enquire about their favorite games, and even gain some of the best insider tips!

But the best feature about Carnival Casino without a doubt has to be the LIVE DEALERS option!! Rather than having a computer deal your cards, you can have a range of over 20 dealers available, with whom you can talk to as you play. Now is that a taste of Vegas or what?

As fun as the games may be, the objective here is to make money and Carnival Casino is the best platform off which to achieve this. Carnival Casino has at least 10 progressive jackpots, meaning that while you're playing one game, you stand a chance to win a huge jackpot in addition to your regular winnings!!! Thanks to their frequent bonus offers, players can take advantage of free deposit bonuses such as the $777 bonus!

Amongst the many payment methods that are available, Neteller, credit card, wire transfer, and Firepay, are some examples of these options. Customer support is accessible at Carnival 24/7 via telephone, email, or fax.

Most importantly, Carnival Casino has the expertise and professionalism of knowing the importance of establishing a fair gaming environment for its players. It holds a gaming license from the government of Antigua and Barbuda. It is regulated and monitored by the Antiguan gaming commission.

In conclusion, Carnival is a highly recommended casino. It holds a winning combination of high bonuses, huge selection of games, and live dealers that result in a magical ‘carnival’ gaming experience.